Friday, December 7, 2007


The VOLITION 2007 will be coming soon..
I was asked by teacher (CKg Zamri) to design this magazine for this year to help the editorial board of this year .

Here is the suggestion of the front cover:

And the back cover:

the Contents page:

the page inside will be like this:


and the most interesting page

A good news for the fifth formers!! I have put 4 full pages of pictures of our formers(thanx to Asnawi).. It was actually a reward from the teacher for me..Anyway, it may not consist of each of us but i think it was enough as a sweet memory in MRSM Lenggong..

Anyway, the designs was only the suggestions from me..It may be changed depends on the teacher and the publisher..

Thanks all for the support..


azrar said...

nice graphic..hehe